The world’s best ethical destinations

Via Local Travel Movement

Ethical Traveler is a non-profit organisation is “dedicated to educating travelers about the social and environmental impact of their decisions, showing how travel can be a potent form of diplomacy, and giving travelers a forum through which their united voices can serve the world community.” Every year, Ethical Traveler does a (quite thorough, it seems) survey of the “10 best ethical destinations”, where they mostly look at the environmental protection, social welfare and human rights protection.   (more…)


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Explore Iran – broaden your horizons

Interview by Leontien Aarnoudse

Nucleair power, limited freedom of speech, human rights abuses – is this all we know  about Iran? Isn’t there a world behind these controversial news headlines? What do we really know about Iran and its people, its culture and the daily life? A couple from the Netherlands wanted to find out themselves and explored Iran: “There’s so much we didn’t know about this country, because all we see and hear is politics in Iran. During our visit, we learned about the history, culture and people and how the Iranians view the world. It changed our view of things.”  Five Q&As about their trip.  (more…)

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Homesick for Iguazu Falls & Los Troncos

By Leontien Aarnoudse

Close to the frontier with Brazil, a few kilometers from the mighty, impressive waterfalls of Iguazu, an Argentinean couple understood the definition of hospitality and put this into practice at their small hotel ‘Los Troncos‘ in Puerto Iguazu. It is a perfect example of how in a place known for its tourist attraction, it is still possible to keep its own identity and friendliness.  (more…)

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Traveling the world in 800 days – Five questions for cyclist globe-trotters

By Leontien Aarnoudse

Around the world in 80 days is the unforgettable story of Jules Verne, who impressed the world in the 19th century with the speed of his journey. Nowadays, however, there is more of a need for making a difference than speeding from one corner of the world to another. Like a trip around the world by bike, for example. James and his wife Tracey made an impressive Giant Bike Tour like that. During 800 days, they explored the world by traveling “slowly”, which enabled them to meet people and observe everything in greater detail. I asked James five questions about their adventurous, sustainable way of travelling. (more…)

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Responsible travel – does it make sense?

By Leontien Aarnoudse

Can travelling change the world? Unless you are a celebrity like Madonna, or a famous politician like Bill Clinton, it’s sometimes hard to see whether responsible choices have significant effect at all. But let’s put this in another perspective: What will happen, if all those millions of people that trot the globe every year change their behaviour, consume more responsible and respect the environment. Wouldn’t that make a difference?  (more…)

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Practice yoga in the Land of Smile – Namaste!

By Sanne Breimer
The Sanctuary“That looks like a resort where you’ll meet a lot of people on their honeymoon. Single travellers like you must feel very alone…”. That’s what my boyfriend told me, when I was surfing the internet looking for places to practice yoga in Thailand. How encouraging to visit this place by myself at the end of my holiday! But as single travellers win battles against their fears all the time, I decided to visit this pearl in the The Land of Smile. Did loneliness become a part of me there? Not for a single moment. Surrounded by friendly people, beautiful nature, good yoga and delicious food all the ingredients where there to feed my body and mind. (more…)

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Party reunites – 24 hours in Tel Aviv

By Eeke Helder

Party reunites...

Party reunites...

Israel is a land full of contrasts. There are the well-known religious and geographical differences, old buildings next to hyper-modern flats, and there is a sense of direction and purpose next to no direction or purpose at all. It’s a thrilling country where for some people everything seems possible, but at the same time it’s a restricted sad place because of all the pain and losses for all sides that have roomed the land for so long. But there are  moments when people come closer to each other, especially at night when they go out for drinking or dancing.


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Back to basics – Camping & hiking in Norway

By Leontien Aarnoudse



If you prefer fresh air to cheap alcohol, unspoiled landscapes to exclusive luxury hotels and loneliness to crowded places then Norway is the perfect choice for your next travel destination. With its 385.155 km² of mountains, forest, fjords and land and a population of just under 5 million people, nature means peace, quiet and loneliness in Norway. Hiking and camping are excellent ways to discover nature.  Here’s more information to hopefully inspire you to get started… (more…)

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Let your running shoes take you on a trip

by Leontien Aarnoudse

Running in places or cities other than your hometown can be quite refreshing. It’s an active way to explore the new world! There are millions of options for your route, depending on where you are and what you’d like to see. All you need is a pair of running shoes and a little energy to accomplish this journey that might take you to the world of hidden treasures in a foreign city or nature. (more…)

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Cattolica – A heaven for family

By Eeke Helder


Greeting from Cattolica

I severely dislike tourist holiday places and especially when everything is prepared to the comfort of the lazy tourist. This year I sadly promised a friend to accompany her with both our kids (4) on her holiday. ‘Sadly’ because she decided to go to Cattolica, a small typical tourist town on the Adriatic coast of Italy. Like the Torremolinos or Salou of Italy.  I never went on a holiday with less enthusiasm. I pictured rows of tourist beds and umbrellas up to the shoreline, shouting kids , roaming jets ski’s polluting your swim water and everything else that you can expect of overcrowded holiday places. But overcoming my prejudice and my initial shock after arriving I had to come to the conclusion that all is not as it seems…


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